New children books explore stories of women in science

New children books explore stories of women in science

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New Delhi, Jul 12 (PTI) A new set of four books bring to life inspirational stories of four pioneering women in the field of science, including eminent botanist Janaki Ammal and Dr Anandibai Joshee, widely known as the first Indian woman to study medicine in the United States.

The illustrated box set, authored by Pune-based writer and poet Pervin Saket, include the titles “Commitment with Bibha Chowdhuri” (first Indian woman physicist), “Courage with Anandibai Joshee” (one of the first women to become a doctor), “Passion with Aditi Pant” (the first Indian woman Oceanographer), and “Perseverance with Janaki Ammal” (the first woman botanist).

The set is a part of AdiDev Press’s ‘Learning To Be’ series, which in February also released board books on the lives and philosophies of Indian saints Mahavira, Guru Nanak and Buddha.

“It was very special for me to work on this series of books on Women in Science. These are fabulous, inspiring women who have made a twofold contribution — to science and to social progress. We need their stories in order to remind us to push further, overcome social barriers and fulfil our dreams,” said Saket.

Her previously authored books are “Urmila”, the retelling of a mythical tale of love and longing, and the poetry collection, “A Tinge of Turmeric”.

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